Sunday, January 25, 2009


Met up with a big group for a 60ish mile ride at 8am this morning. It was hard to make myself get up as I knew it was going to be pretty cold, but I managed to get up and make myself some coffee and oatmeal.

When I got to the start I switched over one of my water bottle cages from the road bike onto the new bike but unfortunately - although I didn't realize it at the time - forgot to actually put a water bottle in the cage. Smart of me.

The ride itself was pretty good; there were a couple of stretches where we were really hammering out a hard pace and I felt as though I was right at threshold (and at times above it maybe? I'm not exactly sure what my actual threshold is so it was just RPE and HR) and that ended up really tiring out my legs by the end of the ride. I'm good for 3-4 hours on the bike right now as long as I stay completely aerobic; my legs aren't used to pushing a hard pace just yet.

I was extremely hungry at the end of the ride (luckily, not thirsty as someone lent me a bottle for the ride once I discovered my cage was empty...) so I didn't run. Got home and took a nap from 2pm to 6pm...GLORIOUS

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