Friday, January 23, 2009


Finally managed to get back home from work at a decent time (4pm) and hit the road in the sunny 60 degree weather for my first real ride on the new bike. It is so slick. The carbon frame just makes everything so much smoother than my Klein. The dampening mutes every single bump and it translates force into speed so, so well. There is almost no bottom bracket flex even if I put some serious power down on the pedals. I got in an hour and a half outside before it got dark (30 miles) then came back home and got on the trainer for another hour to give myself 50 total for the day in 2:30. I also did 5 sets of isolated leg drills (unclip one foot and spin using one leg): 2 sets (with each leg) of 30 rotations, 2 x 45 rotations, and 1 x 60 rotations. I was contemplating a run after but I was literally starving at about 2:15 so I decided to just call it quits. I actually just consumed an entire box of mac and cheese and I'm contemplating eating a lot more.

Estimated caloric intake for the day:

Bowl of granola w/ 2% milk: 350 kcal

footlong subway sub + chips + iced tea: ~1250

Pre Dinner (before ride and during ride):
snickers + 2x chewy bar : ~450

Mac and Cheese: ~1250

3300 calories today (that's really not enough I don't think). My metabolism has been going like it was on speed since training camp. The biking has really kicked it up several notches. The long, low HR training is great for burning fat. Yippee.

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