Friday, January 23, 2009


Thursday night run: 3.72 mile warm up lap then a 'go' lap. Managed to hit 21:30 on the 'go' lap which was just under 5:45 pace on a pretty tough course. The fastest time I've heard of on it (among the 'group') is held at just under 21. With this becoming a regular tempo run I'm hoping at some point in the next 2 months I can break that. The first mile felt pretty easy and the second one I began to feel like I was touching threshold on the inclines. Mile 2 is almost 75% uphill so that one always feels the worst to me. Ran with Kevin most of the way; he'd roll by me on the descents and I'd catch back up on the inclines. The last 1/4 mile is downhill so he finished ~5 seconds in front of me. I actually broke out the flats for this one; it was the first time I've worn them since Patriots.

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