Saturday, January 24, 2009


We got out of work pretty early so I managed to get to the gym today with tons of time to spare before they close (at 7pm), which doesn't happen all that often. I wasn't sure whether I would end up doing a bike/run/swim or just a bike/run but I decided I'd just see how it went once I got there...

Hopped on one of the spin bikes for a super easy 30 minute spin with 3 isolated leg drills (right leg only this time, 60 rotations per set) to try and start the long process of getting my right leg all caught up to my left. I'm not really sure why my left leg is so much stronger than my right, but the differences are fairly obvious. I always jump off my left foot. I can leg press a good deal more weight with the left. It usually ends up having a smoother shave. Ok well, that last one was a joke but still, the question remains.

I then walked 50 feet to get on the treadmill and got the last one available (whew) and jumped on to start the run. I wanted to get in something with a little friskiness to see how my legs would feel after an easy ride and with a lot of hours in them (for the week). So I ended up doing a 2x7 minute fartlek at 6 min/mile pace. The leg speed felt very comfortable. My legs were just a little sore but they always feel way more sore on the treadmill for some reason. I did the run at a 1% grade to try to simulate as best as possible running outdoors.

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