Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pats Eagles

What the Patriots giveth, they also take away.

AJ Feeley was not exceptional by any definition of the word but the Eagles D actually played the NFL's best offense very well. Feeley threw two bad passes, both of which were to Kevin Curtis. One was a definite touchdown but was underthrown by about 3-4 yards. Curtis had both the CB and S beat by about a yard but Feeley couldn't throw the ball far enough. What a pussy. The second was a forced pass that dropped right into Asante Samuel's hands. Terrible, terrible throw.

Feeley's second pass of the game was also another forced pass. Samuel, like the stat-padder that he is, jumped the route and ran the pick in for six.

The Pats just looked lazy this whole game. I don't think any of them looked at the scoreboard the entire game and just assumed they were winning. No real looks of panic/shock. Still, the Colts should have beat them and the Eagles were gift-wrapped a W. They won't go 16-0.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alex Rodriguez + NYY = Postseason lock

New World Series favorite: the 2008 New York Yankees.

Thanks A-Rod, for realizing that Boras was not good for your image.


The New York Yankees and their fans

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Having recently worked (this past week) with some young, fresh-out-of-college Wachovia employees I can safely say that Sean and Sam aren't the biggest tools I know, if only because these Wachovia people also talked about their bonuses and earning potential non FUCKING stop. At least several of them were really, really cute. That made it tolerable. For the girls at least. The guys were just tools.

I never realized until Thursday how low and crass you sound when you curse non-stop in completely inappropriate situations. One of the Wachovia guys just dropped f-bombs all over the place while working at a Habitat for Humanity job site in the presence of his bosses and the really just blew my mind how dumb it makes you sound if you keep doing stuff like that; there's a place and time for cursing but when it's really out of line... It just sounds bad. Note to self.