Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One phase ends, another begins

Long time since posting so this one will have to be a short summary.

In the 2 weeks since my last post I've kept my volume and intensity super low. I only realized how big of a hold I had dug myself into when I did the Bandits Int'l distance triathlon 2 Saturdays ago. I just had zero desire to push myself (let alone the ability...) so I decided to take it super easy before my Beaches training plan started (this week).

The plan calls for 3 volume build weeks, a rest week, then 2 more volume build weeks (5 total) before 2 peak build weeks and then the taper. The toughest time is going to be in late September and early October when for 4 consecutive weeks my long run/ride (for that week) goes something like this: 18 miles/120 miles, 20 miles/120 miles, 22 miles/130 miles, 24 miles/100 miles.

I look forward to October 19th when all the major work is done and I (hopefully) feel like I'm in peak Ironman shape.