Sunday, August 24, 2008


Was watching "Sicko" tonight, the most recent Michael Moore film and had to wonder about the US health care system, regardless of how biased a viewpoint Moore presents in this (and all) of his films. The only other Moore film I've seen is "Fahrenheit 9/11," which I strongly disliked because of how biased a portrayal his was...but mainly because at the time I disagreed with the message he was trying to get across to his viewers. Now, with "Sicko" I really do have to agree that the US system of medical care is bunk and in need of reform. Beyond that, my views are not more specific, nor do I have any idea what really needs to be done. Still, makes me want to live in the UK even more haha.

In other news, I was 'diagnosed' by a sports therapist with IT Band friction syndrome last Tuesday - something I knew was coming because I had pretty much figured it out by then doing extensive online research. I've been dealing with IT pain for 4 solid weeks now, and consequently my running consistency has suffered. I hit 60 miles 5 weeks ago and it's been downhill since, going ~47, 43, 35, 28, and now a slight increase back up to 35 again after the tightness has subsided slightly. Making sure to stretch very well at least once a day (sometimes two or three times) and using a foam roller and 'the stick' has definitely helped me recover although I'm sure it won't really heal until I take some time off from running (if then) and I won't be doing that until after Patriots, which is now only a short two weeks away.

I swam just over 10,000 meters this week and am definitely feeling it in my arms (and even my legs), something that I think slowed me down a bit in my most recent race on Saturday. I managed to pr by 19 seconds in the 5k but I feel as though I could have gone a good deal faster had my running not been so inconsistent and my swimming not so intense. Oh well, gotta git'r dun.

Monday, August 11, 2008


There are not many things more annoying to me than drivers who slow down and speed up repeatedly when I am around them on the interstate. When I get on a road that isn't too crowded I like to set the cruise control at about 5-7 mph over the speed limit and just get in the right lane and mosey down the road. I've hit stretches where I haven't even had to touch the brakes for over two hours; this isn't at 2am either, it's at fairly normal times during the day. What really irks me though, is when some moron will come flying by me and hop into the right lane then slow down. I move quickly up behind them and consequently have to pull into the left land and pass them, usually while they are talking on their cell phone or eating or doing something similar that does not require you to slow down. I pass them, move back into the right lane and keep going on my cruise control. Then, once they are done with whatever it is that they were doing they decide to speed back up and tailgate me for a bit as if they're expecting me to speed up just to sit them or are affronted by the fact that I passed them and then got in front of their car. As the car passes me the driver/passenger shoot me a look as if to say "what the f*** are you doing in front of me?"

Of course, not everyone does that. But I remember those that do and hate them.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Updates, yay

It's weird being around in Charlotte when I'm not working. It's not just that I feel lazy, it's that I feel as though I'm completely out of the loop. Knowing that as I sleep, exercise, and eat that life is going on much the same for everyone else. People are still working on the houses that I've been working on for the past couple of months; now it's just that I'm not doing it. It's different from a break in school because then you know everyone else is doing similar things. Maybe they've got a job of some sort but the common bond of attending school that you share is no longer present. Work is totally different. Or I guess it's just the 'real world.' I'm glad that I am not fully immersed in the 'real world' yet...although I feel as though it's getting closer.

I'm heading down to New Orleans for a week this Friday and plan on coming back to Charlotte where I'm not really sure what I'll do next as I won't really have that much time to just putz around before Greekfest and the start of work. I also really want to get in some solid blocks of training (12-15 hour weeks) in the month leading up to Patriots. I think I definitely need to concentrate on cycling and swimming because running is not likely to improve as much as those will if I put a decent amount of work into it andddd because my hamstring/right leg/hip whatever is really bothering me a lot right now. I'm really tempted to just take off from running through Sunday to see if I can get back to at least semi-healthy again. Playing softball tonight was difficult because it was bothering me so much. Not really sure what to make of it.