Sunday, August 24, 2008


Was watching "Sicko" tonight, the most recent Michael Moore film and had to wonder about the US health care system, regardless of how biased a viewpoint Moore presents in this (and all) of his films. The only other Moore film I've seen is "Fahrenheit 9/11," which I strongly disliked because of how biased a portrayal his was...but mainly because at the time I disagreed with the message he was trying to get across to his viewers. Now, with "Sicko" I really do have to agree that the US system of medical care is bunk and in need of reform. Beyond that, my views are not more specific, nor do I have any idea what really needs to be done. Still, makes me want to live in the UK even more haha.

In other news, I was 'diagnosed' by a sports therapist with IT Band friction syndrome last Tuesday - something I knew was coming because I had pretty much figured it out by then doing extensive online research. I've been dealing with IT pain for 4 solid weeks now, and consequently my running consistency has suffered. I hit 60 miles 5 weeks ago and it's been downhill since, going ~47, 43, 35, 28, and now a slight increase back up to 35 again after the tightness has subsided slightly. Making sure to stretch very well at least once a day (sometimes two or three times) and using a foam roller and 'the stick' has definitely helped me recover although I'm sure it won't really heal until I take some time off from running (if then) and I won't be doing that until after Patriots, which is now only a short two weeks away.

I swam just over 10,000 meters this week and am definitely feeling it in my arms (and even my legs), something that I think slowed me down a bit in my most recent race on Saturday. I managed to pr by 19 seconds in the 5k but I feel as though I could have gone a good deal faster had my running not been so inconsistent and my swimming not so intense. Oh well, gotta git'r dun.

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