Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pats Eagles

What the Patriots giveth, they also take away.

AJ Feeley was not exceptional by any definition of the word but the Eagles D actually played the NFL's best offense very well. Feeley threw two bad passes, both of which were to Kevin Curtis. One was a definite touchdown but was underthrown by about 3-4 yards. Curtis had both the CB and S beat by about a yard but Feeley couldn't throw the ball far enough. What a pussy. The second was a forced pass that dropped right into Asante Samuel's hands. Terrible, terrible throw.

Feeley's second pass of the game was also another forced pass. Samuel, like the stat-padder that he is, jumped the route and ran the pick in for six.

The Pats just looked lazy this whole game. I don't think any of them looked at the scoreboard the entire game and just assumed they were winning. No real looks of panic/shock. Still, the Colts should have beat them and the Eagles were gift-wrapped a W. They won't go 16-0.

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