Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Started things off right today with a 2050 yard swim...doing my optimal drill sequence (ODS) given to me by my coach, Lance (how badass is it to have a name like Lance and be in the endurance sport business?). That basically entails doing a lot of work to change the way my catch, initiation, and pull sequence work together to create more power and more efficiency, which add up to me going a lot faster while doing less work. That's a combination anyone can enjoy.

Did 2 miles and some change before meeting up with a group to run 6+ from the Dowd Y. It had been a while since I did the Monday group run and I was happy to make my return. It was a good group consisting of some good runners and one professional triathlete, which is pretty cool. I decided last week that I'm going to let myself not care about my HR a couple of times a week just so I don't become overly obsessed with it when my readings may be higher (or lower, but mainly higher) than I feel like they really should be; I consequently let myself run at the pace the group was going and felt really good.

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