Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My knee hurt when I woke up this morning - gradually feeling fine after a bit - so I decided to stick to biking and swimming today. Easy 1000 yds in the pool then a spin class. Pretty laid back, but I expect a very hard run on Thursday and a long ride on Sunday so hopefully I'll feel nice and prepared for both.

In terms of monthly plans, I'd like to continue to average around 14 hours a week (rather go over than under) of swimming, biking and running; the main focus for now being biking and running.

Lately I've been averaging ~175 miles on the bike, ~25 on the run, and ~2000yds in the pool (per week). The pool numbers are pathetic, but I've been really focusing on the bike in January and just (mostly) maintaining the run endurance while adding a little stamina/speed.

I'll likely bring the bike miles down a bit to ~150/week and bring the run up to 30-35/week. We'll see how it all works out as first race is on the 28th, so that's less than 4 weeks away! Exciting!

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