Monday, February 2, 2009


Got in from some vacay just in time for swim lesson with Lance. It went pretty well. The technique changes I've made/need-to-make are fairly obvious/standard so now it's just about swimming a lot more and creating muscle memory to build on and repeat.

Also rode my bike on the booty loop for about 1:45. Nothing was particularly notable about it; just a bunch of loops riding pretty easy. At one point there was a guy riding around me and he was doing this workout that basically involved standing up out of his saddle a lot, at which point I noticed (multiple times, unfortunately) that he had two rather unfortunately placed holes worn into his shorts. That was bad news.

I ran 10 miles off the bike with a big crowd, which was nice. The weather, unfortunately, was not nice as it started to rain about 3 miles into the run. It was a light rain but I was quite cold by the end.

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