Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday and today were filled with two joyous 20 mile bike rides. Joyous might be too strong of an adjective actually. They were, however, nice.

Yesterday's was on the trainer; I watched the first episode of season one of "The Wire," a show I've been meaning to get into for a long time. I'm pretty excited as I have a bunch of seasons of what is supposed to be great television ahead of me. Not a bad deal.

Today's ride was was a tad bit chilly but I was semi-appropriately dressed so I was comfortable after about 10 minutes of riding. I kept it really easy - at times I looked down and my HR was at 120 going 22-24 mph (that depends on the terrain of course, but still) - with a nice high cadence so I was pleased with that active recovery effort. Next week I'll finally be able to get back to some swimming, once I take my stitches out, which is exciting. Big bike rides coming tomorrow and Monday (7.5-8 hours total, most likely).

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mrfusion89 said...

finally on the wire, good man. you are in for a load of awesome.