Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekly Advice

My number one top tip for you this week is:

Don't do stuff you're not used to. Remember last week (or the week before) when I said to challenge yourself and try new things? Yea, that was bullshit. That guy was an idiot. You should take everything he says with a massive piece of rock salt. Because this weekend that guy tried "a new thing."

When that "new thing" is an adventure run (could also be called a partial hike) that is 21 miles, gains 5000+ ft of elevation, and lasts 4.5hrs, well, that is something that you should TOTALLY DO. Even if your previous long run is only just under 2hrs. Strap up your camelbak, load some clif bars, and put on your dancing (/trail run) shoes and get after it.

I am writing this as I sit here the morning after, broken and on the couch. My feet hurt. My shoulders ache from the camelbak straps, my shins and arms are sliced to bits from all the plants - whose main goal it seems is to extract all of your bodily fluids - that we had to bushwhack through as we were lost near the summit of our trail. My body hates me. But it was awesome.

So, you know what? Follow that guy's advice. Do some crazy stuff. Just maybe don't go quite as crazy as he did. Crazy within boundaries, how about that?

Don't run into the Yucca, FYI

Hey Tucson

Snow at 7000 ft

Back down through the Canyon

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