Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weekly Advice (a day late)

managing various kinds of stress is difficult
  • if you're an athlete that works (most athletes) you've got:
    • stress about your fitness
    • stress about completing workouts as scheduled
    • stress about the quality of each workout
    • stress about work
    • stress about girls/guys/kids
    • untold other stressors
  • to that end, how do you minimize?
    • it's taken me quite a while to realize this, but...when I die I doubt I'll look back on that Saturday ride where I only managed 4 x 15' @ 280w when I was supposed to average 290w and say: "Well shit, that was pathetic."
    • setting priorities is important
      • your kids
      • your family
      • your house
      • your job (this could probably be interchanged a bit depending on how much the previous 3 rely on this one)
      • your social life
      • your happiness
      • your hobbies (i.e. triathlon) - this one should probably come last, let's be honest
    • be realistic
      • this is tough. i know self awareness is not always a glaring strength of many people, but really sit back and take stock of you and yours.
        • "is my training schedule realistic?"
        • "how is my work:life balance?"
        • "am i making generally good decisions?"
        • "what should my next lotto numbers pick be?"
      • you know, stuff like that
    • de-stress
      • take a little ''me'' time
        • spa day?
        • shoot off some gunz?
        • go karts?
        • driving range?
        • medicate
          • just kidding, except not really.

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