Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekly Advice

It's early (ok, "mid") January, therefore it is important to:

  • Not care too hard about any performance whatsoever
    • For example, I just ran a 38+ minute 10k after a week of being sick. Was it lame? Yes. Does it matter? Nope.
    • Did your FTP test go poorly? Well, it's January. If your FTP test went really well I'd have much suspicion regarding how you spent your "off season." 
  • Do fun stuff
    • See previous post, and continue to reference this step throughout the year but with special focus on "winter" months.
  • Establish trends
    • Running 6 days a week? Check. Good trend to start.
    • Eating vegetarian? Meh, but give it a whirl.
    • Eating less dessert? That's a good, if not fun, trend.
    • Saving more money? This is triathlon, you don't get to save any of your money.
  • Do stuff that you won't have time for later
    • Doctor's appointments
    • House work
    • Cleaning your house
    • Making food at home
    • Saving money
  • Stay warm
    • Live in the Southwest
That does it for the weekly advice column. Follow these guidelines and you will be SET.

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