Monday, December 20, 2010

Dropping Bombs

S: 8500 yds
B: 63 mi
R: 37.5 mi

Time: 10.7 hrs

Not a lot to report this week other than on Sunday I hit my 26th birthday.  I missed one run this week but got in an extra ride (accidentally).  I got a little excited about having a new piece of cycling gear to use and geek out over (as if I needed more!).  This particular little item will hopefully allow both myself and my coach to really bring out the best in me in terms of my cycling abilities next year.  Not just my cycling abilities actually, but also my ability to run well off the bike due to better bike pacing in long course racing.  That way I can run like Woodbury and not like Behme!  Or maybe find a happy medium in between the two...

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