Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short recap

S:  8250
B: 130
R: 24

T: 12 hrs

Short recap of the week: I tried to front-load my week as much as possible in terms of volume with the thought process being that I wouldn't get much in over the weekend.  I thought I would be able to recover in time from the Saturday to Wednesday binge to race on the following Saturday but I was sadly mistaken.  The race just let me know what it was like to try and go hard on very tired legs.  I still managed to get 4th in the race but it was a distant 4th to 1st place.  It was a fun traveling weekend, however, as I got to see the side of my family that I rarely get to visit.

I did manage to run a 1 mile TT in 4:52, which is the same time I ran last year.  This time around it was only two days after a 20 mile long run and 3 days after a 22 mph 100 mile long ride.  I definitely can break 4:50 but luckily it doesn't really matter.

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