Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm not creative enough to come up with 52 clever titles a year

S: 4500
B: 249
R: 30

Time: 18.2 hrs (plus 2.5 really as yoga definitely counts)

Lackluster swimming performance this week.  As I did my first two yoga classes (ever) this week my body rebelled a little bit against me and told me I couldn't swim.  Many of the poses work muscles I haven't worked in years (pretty much my entire upper body actually) so while it's certainly good for me in the long run...the short run can suffer.  Especially as it relates to swimming

Lots of good saddle time this week as I managed four weekday rides (one of which was the IOS ride so a little higher intensity) plus a long ride with Scott and Behme in the NC mountains on Saturday.  That's the longest ride I've had in a long time (101 miles in 5:48:00) since most of our 100ish mile rides are done in 4:45 or less!  It felt good to climb some mountains and to know that I'm in a much better place than I was last time I was in the mountains (Georgia '09).  I felt very strong on each of the climbs and after Scott flatted for the second time and was forced to wait at mile 67 Behme and I hammered the last 30+ miles to get back to the cars.  It felt tough but great.

Running was not up to par this week...culminating in a 10 mile long run on Sunday in which the original plan was for 15-20 but my quads were really, really starting to ache and I decided it would be better to pull the plug than experience the extended recovery period my legs would require if I continued running.

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