Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ironman in t-minus 12 weeks!!!

Swim: 6450 yds
Bike: 184 mi
Run: 51.6 mi

T: 17.5 hrs

Swimming really took a backseat in terms of time this week but on a positive note I found someone new to swim with who is really going to push me to be faster; both because I flat out love to impress people and because she is just fast. I also swam open water with Fletch on Friday afternoon in Lake Norman, which we're hoping to make a regular thing.  I'd give this week a C for swimming.

Biking was again solid with a great long ride on Saturday with the usual crew (plus Watkins).  It's tough to come off the bike after a hard 102 miles and say good things but man, I feel really good right now on the bike.

This was the best (in terms of volume anyway) week of running since before the marathon in March.  Got in a little over 30 miles during the week and a difficult (heat and mental) 20 miler on Sunday.  These runs during the middle of the day (started the long run at 10am and it was 90+ degrees by the end!) in the heat had better pay off come race day in Louisville!

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