Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Week

Yes it will get repeated over and over again and everyone other than Saints fans will get extremely bored and annoyed (although not as annoyed as everyone NOT from New England was after the Patriots victories) with this saying but "Who Dat?"  What an awesome game to watch, seriously.  I can't say that I've been a true Saints "fan" my whole life but I've always supported the team; it's just that most of the time it has been half-heartedly because for my entire life they have sucked.  Big time.  I remember when Bobby Hebert was QB and how he was so...below average.  That was pretty much the theme of the Saints as long as I've been around until 2006.  Since then the team has had a lot of promise but rarely quite fulfilling it.  At least 'till now.  What an amazing weekend for New Orleans (that and getting Ray Nagin out of office...) that they (we) will have forever.

S: 14,500
B: 62
R: 52

I experienced a major motivational downturn this week with swimming.  All of a sudden I was ALWAYS tired in the pool and I lost the desire to go to the pool mid-week.  It seems as though I just got too greedy for a couple of weeks this past month.  It happens.  It's all about finding your limits and pushing through them as best you can.  I found my limit and am now recovering and trying to get re-motivated.  Even with what was a tough week in the pool for the past ten weeks I have AVERAGED around 15,000 yards a week in the pool. Since I began my swim focus in mid-November I have put in roughly 180-190,000 yards.  All of last year I totaled 360,000 or something like that.  Needless to say, I'm swimming my face off.

Got in my regular Monday spin class and a nice outdoor ride on Sunday.  The weather has been pretty bad recently and especially on the weekends so until that changes the riding will continue to be minimal.

Two great run workouts this week: a hill workout on Tuesday and a fartlek-style long run with Kelly on Thursday.  In retrospect I should have spaced those workouts a bit better to allow a bit more recovery but oh well.  Can't do anything about it now.

Next week I'll shoot for whatever swimming yardage I can muster (*hopefully between 12-15,000!!! please body*) and 56 miles of running with two key workouts.

I'm thinking about doing the UNCC Homecoming 5k on February 20th or 21st (can't remember which) since I want to do a 5k and that would be a cheap option since I am a student.  After that it's Corporate Cup half then Atlanta full!

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