Monday, February 1, 2010


S: 15,000
B: 45
R: 33
Totals: 11.6 hours

Ahh, a rest week.  Feels nice after 3 rather large volume weeks (but only because of the swimming really...)

I only had 3 real swims this week (technically it was 4 but on Monday I only swam 1000 before deciding that my shoulders/lats were too tired to keep going after Sunday's 6000 yard workout) culminating in a ridiculous 7000 yard workout on Sunday.  That's 2 hours and 20 minutes of training time right there.  It was epic.  The main set was 100x50 yards.  Just thinking about it makes me tired again.  Scott and I were both smoked after that one.

Biking was down again with just two spin class sessions.  Weather has been pretty bad here so that's not helping the bike miles but it's still early in the year so no rush.

My running was laid back as well during the rest week with just a 4 mile tempo effort on Thursday at 6:02 min/mi pace.

This next week will hopefully see roughly 20,000 yards swimming and 50 miles of running with two quality workouts.

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