Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turning and burning

S - 17700 yards (05:15:00, 19%)
B - 294.9 miles (16:37:55, 60%)
R - 47.5 miles (05:45:20, 21%)

Total - 27.64 hours

This week I ascended Mt Lemmon two times (partially both times), firstly by myself for some interval work then secondly with coach Brian for some threshold/tempo efforts

In another ride, I realized the great thing about a grid system layout for a city: it makes it super easy to get places as long as you have landmarks and a general idea of where you are going.  For example, in one ride I wanted to find "A" hill (it's a big hill with an A painted on the top/side on the rocks, for University of Arizona), which Brian and I had ridden earlier in the week.  It's about a 6-9 minute climb depending on how hard you want to work and I wanted to take a picture of the city from the top.  As I was finishing a ride I picked out the hill in the distance and gradually started making my way towards it, turning on some streets and staying straight on others (pretty slick on my part).  I eventually got to the base, climbed at VO2 effort level for a bit before snapping this sweet panoramic shot for all my readers...
This was for you.
I got in two 90 minute + long runs, lots of sleep, and some good swimming.  That pretty much sums up my training week.  Starting on Sunday I got a ride from Brian over to the Westward Look Resort to meet up with Cid and attend two days of informational meetings put on by Cervelo.  Yes, I saw the P5.  Yes, I put my hands on it.  Yes, I rode it.

But that's for next week's blog...

Before heading over on Sunday, however, Brian and I did a nice 2 hour recovery ride on the River Path bike path.  To be able to ride for 2 hours with maybe 1% being on city streets is pretty awesome, especially when the views are like this.

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