Monday, June 27, 2011

Off we gooo, into the wild blue yonder!

S - 14,800 yards
B - 211.9 miles
R - 42 miles

Time - 20.25 hours

So, not really much interesting to say this week.  I'm truly becoming a broken record.  I feel as though I've told the same stories over and over again and I use the same tired cliches and phrasings over and over but you know what? I don't care.  This is my blog!  I'll do whatever I want in my blogosphere.

That being said, thanks for reading and don't leave! Please continue to read my boring training and racing stories!!

This week I did a little bit of swimming, a little bit of biking and some good running.  I'm really pleased with how my running is going, at least in terms of my consistency and progression.  I actually had three run "workouts" this week: a long run with threshold intervals on the treadmill, and a sweet long run with threshold and tempo intervals in Santa Barbara.  I definitely felt the best on Sunday in spite of no sleep and little food as the 65 degree weather helps a ton!

So these next two weeks I'll be in sunny Santa Barbara with Moose (she hasn't started blogging yet, but beware it's going to happen soon!) putting on my game face and logging some solid training.  I'm sure these next two weeks will hopefully include a lot of good pictures, good recapping, etc etc.  Just good stuff.  That is all.

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