Monday, June 20, 2011

Go fast!

S - 17,200 yards
B - 258 miles
R - 39 miles

Time - 22.62 hours

I'm going to mix it up a bit this week and go in chronological order as I think it will best capture my weekly schedule; at least this time around.  Plenty of time to experiment.

Monday - swim + aerobic run; nothing too special here, I'm starting to feel a bit better in the pool and need to whip myself into shape before heading out to CA.  I may be an ok swimmer on my best days amongst the crowd here in CLT but out in a land of unknown quality-of-swimmer I need to make sure I represent well...

Tuesday - 2.5 hrs aerobic bike ride + run w/ 5k time trial; the ride this morning went well as it was with a fun group (starting to become a weekly thing it seems) in the morning although my legs felt a little tired.  That's nothing unusual at this point as it seems as though every single workout involves some level of fatigue.  Later in the afternoon I headed over to Myers Park to participate in my second track meet of the summer.  Last week I ran the mile/2 mile and this week I had the 5k on my schedule.  I wasn't super excited simply because I had ridden 50+ miles that morning and had doubts of my ability to perform.  I ran a 16:32 a little over a month ago on the roads at the Biathlon (flat, accurate course) so I was hoping to run sub 16:30 on the track today, although I didn't come to fruition due mainly to a pedestrian first mile.  I ended up with a 16:35, which is still very good but not quite what I was hoping for.  I'd like to do a 5k later in the fall and see just how much I've improved my road 5k speed with little to no actual track work.

Wednesday - aerobic run + swim; not a whole lot to mention today, I was feeling pretty tight (but not sore) from the 5k last evening but a nice, easy run loosened my legs up nicely.  The swim that night was tough as I felt quite slow but Kenneth and I slogged through the whole workout without too many problems (Kenneth destroyed everyone but a former ITU Pro at Bandits this weekend, pretty impressive...but not surprising for a guy that has a 5k PR of sub 14 minutes!)

Thursday - swim + aerobic bike; pretty much in line with the daily grind.  Extra long swim LC with Ashley (5k LC meters, ugh) that went well and a tough bike workout with Jason.  My threshold intervals are getting longer, but they're also getting more powerful.  2-3 months ago I was on the "low" end of my threshold range and now I'm on the higher end for longer periods of time.  Progression.

Friday - run w/ quality + aerobic bike; I got to head over to Mcalpine today to do some 1km repeats that were pretty tough.  My legs were feeling tired and had little pop but the 1k repeats went alright.  Plugging my 5k time into Mcmillan's pace calculator gives me a target of 3:17-3:22 for these repeats but I knew that right now, those times are beyond my reach.  Mcalpine is slow, my legs were tired, and I've done little to no structured distance intervals with specific time goals this year so I was just hoping to be 3:25-3:30.  Mission accomplished.  Bike ride was just normal around the booty loop.

Saturday - aerobic bike + aerobic run + swim; Quantity, not quality was the name of the game today.  ~4.5-5 hrs is a fairly normal Saturday as it's been a triple workout day almost this entire year.

Sunday - bike w/ work + aerobic run; I'd been stressing about this bike ride all week as on paper it looked remarkably difficult.  Lots of threshold work (60 minutes worth) plus some VO2 level power work sprinkled in at the end of each threshold interval.  Needless to say, it was tough, but not quite as bad as I had built up in my head.

So that's the week in a blogshell.  A relatively big week, but not huge (run volume is down a bit lately, but I'm back to being consistent atleast).  Next week is more of the same, but by Sunday I'll be in sunny Santa Barbara.  Not too shabby...

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