Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to look for in 2011

1) Improvement across all three sports
2) Sub 30 minutes half-ironman swim
3) Sub 1:30 half-ironman run
4) Numbers 2 and 3 together help me to a top-notch finish (amateur at IM events and OA at locals) in my 4 halfs next year

Now, lets take a moment to allow me to elaborate further on what I've mentioned so far.  A casual observer (or a pessimist, of which there are a great many around here) may choose to look at that and lay down the negativity.  I, on the other hand, choose to look at my triathlon glass as being half-full at all times!  My little ol' leggies are still very new to triathlon and I think I can make some pretty big leaps with the consistency I've had the past two years.

Now, let's move on to a more specific goal-setting process involving each sport.

1) In 2011 swim a total of 700,000 yards.  That'd be an average of roughly 13.5k a week.
2) Swim more long course

1) Ride 7500+ miles
2) Bike a 2:15 or better without a negative impact on my run
3) Learn how to effectively use a powertap
4) Have fun on my bike

1) Run 2000+ miles
2) Stay injury free
3) Run a 1:25-1:27 half ironman 13.1
4) Run with people more

I'd like to place in a top position in the NCTS series, qualify for IM 70.3 WC twice, and enjoy racing and training with friends.

I guess that about sums it up.

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