Monday, January 17, 2011

And so it begins...

S: 14,400 yds
B: 156 mi
R: 43 mi

Time: 18.76 hrs

Welp, this week marked my first week as a coached athlete and as the numbers show, it was a good one.  I feel like saying this is making me sound like a broken record, but I had some great swim workouts this week.  Being so new to swimming I hope that I can continue to say that for a good long while.  I wouldn't have thought I could improve so much, so quickly but the numbers don't lie.  At the beginning of last week on Monday we did a workout that consisted of 24x100 (3 on 1:25, 1 on 1:45) and I would say that of the "fast" 100s (first 3 of each group of 4) I managed to average 1:13-1:15.  On Wednesday of this week we did the same workout and I was 1:12-1:13 on each and on the last 3 100s I was 1:09, 1:08, 1:08.  Those are three of the fastest 100s I have ever done and they were at the end of a tough workout! Needless to say, I was pretty jacked up and happy about it. 

The biking saw the biggest increase this week, going from essentially 1-2 (max) rides a week for the past 12 weeks (including a couple weeks of zero...) to four this week, 2 including some light but difficult workouts.  The weather was not conducive to really enjoyable biking but that will begin to change as spring approaches. 

My running stayed very consistent this week and now that my runs are planned on the basis of time I have no excuses not to be consistent with my mileage.  The running was a bit treacherous on Monday in the snow (albeit fun), dreadful on Tuesday and Wednesday (treadmill), freezing on Thursday (outdoors...) and cold again on Friday and Saturday.  I had one workout that consisted of 10 minutes of tempo in the middle of my long run on Friday (long run is currently at 80 minutes).

All in all, a good week to get back to the grind.  New Orleans 70.3 is only 13 weeks away!!

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