Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 42

S: 12,500 yards
B: 103 mi
R: 40 mi

Time: 14.4 hrs

I was going to write something insightful, witty, and amusing but felt a remarkable lack of creativity and motivation so decided to do nothing of the sort.

Swimming was consistent again this week; got in a little bonus yardage since I actually got to swim with other people a couple times (suhweet).  Didn't have any remarkable workouts and it was a lot of "junk" yardage but for me there really is no such thing.  The only junk yardage is when I fail to swim as that means that I'm junking my potential.  That was weak, I know.

Rode a couple of times this week but nothing remarkable with a long ride of a little over 60 on Saturday up in Davidson.  There were some real solid efforts in there and I managed to hold about 700 watts down Deal Rd into the wind.  How do I know it was 700 watts you may ask?  Well, my new powermeter told me's the brand new model and it's called my brain.  Another weak one, apologies.

Running was actually a bit different this week since I did a fartlek on Tuesday and a hill workout on Thursday.  I also did 10 miles (of 11) at 160 bpm (plus or minus a couple) on Sunday that felt fine but weren't as quick as I would like.  Onto next week!

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