Sunday, May 16, 2010


S: 8,500
B: 206
R: 45

T: 18.5 hrs

Missed one swim this week; it's a lot harder when you're biking and running 15+ hours a week to be fresh for swims.  When I was swimming a lot in January and February I was only running and not really biking much at all...different story now.

Some really solid biking again this week although I definitely felt tired until the Sunday long ride (102 mi).  I think I rode a bit too much last week following White Lake and I was feeling the effects a little bit during the middle of this week.  I'll take next week a little easier on the bike (100-150) with no efforts except for the race on Saturday (Over the Mountain).  I'd love to be able to drop a pretty sweet bike time there and I think I stand a good chance with the hills there; we shall see.

I had one great workout on Tuesday (2x2 miles) but bagged a second workout due to the ridiculous heat and humidity on Friday and the prospect of the long run on Saturday.  The long run did not go well at all; it was very, very hot and I started dying a slow death around mile 9 and popped at mile 15 (of 18).  It was a day to learn a lesson.

Lesson learned.

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