Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back on the grind-izzle

S: 10,000
B: 187
R: 40

T: 17.7 hrs

Back in the pool with a vengeance this week after the debacle at White Lake.  Yes, it was the course's fault but does that make me happier about it? No, of course it doesn't.  So that means I jump back into the glorious, crystal clear waters of the Dowd Y to bask in the chlorine goodness again for the sake of gaining those extra seconds (or minutes) in races.  Is it worth it?  To me, yes.  To most people, probably not.  Maybe that makes me a little crazy.

Managed to get in three bike rides during the week before the first unofficial official training ride of the Louisville training calendar on Saturday.  I would like to say that it was epic because of the domination I served up to cowering training partners but in reality it was a bit of a struggle since I'm still recovering for the half-ironman binge I went for the past four weeks.  It's tough to come down from a stint like that (and by come down I mean recover in a non-metaphorical sense) but I know that I'm getting better on a daily basis because of how the run felt Sunday.

That particular long run felt fantastic!  Well, fantastic is a bit strong.  I just felt really smooth and relaxed up until the point where I started to get tired.  It probably helped that it was most likely one of the most gorgeous days ever for running.  A bit of chilly wind in the beginning but the sun warmed everything up and put my mood on the high side of 10 using a scale of 1-10 (10 being epic-ly good and 1 being emo).  As usual, John and Carrie provided excellent entertainment.

One cannot help but marvel at times like these at how much difference good training partners make.  For a long time I didn't truly "enjoy" all of my long workouts but since I started training up in Davidson with the Behmes, Fletch, Kerf, Darb and Woodbury (when he decides it's worth the drive) it has made all the difference.  Maybe I'm just being dramatic.  Wait, I definitely am.  Ohhhh well.  That's what's going to fuel the Louisville domination anyway.

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