Monday, April 26, 2010


S: 11,250
B: 122
R: 24

This week was all about just taking it easy after NOLA 70.3, which accomplished with great success.  It is sort of an awkward week given that is an odd in-between sort of week (recovery week leading up to race week) and I haven't really figured out how to handle that just yet.

Next week is race week for White Lake Half.  I'd love to be able to put out similar efforts at that race but I'm not really sure how I will feel.  I'm hopeful that my bike will feel even stronger (that doesn't necessarily mean faster, fyi) than NOLA because I will have had two down weeks on the bike (in terms of weekly miles, I went 220, 225, NOLA race week, recovery week) leading up to the race week so it's essentially a 2 week bike taper with one very strong workout in there (the race itself).  I'd also like to think I'm capable of a slightly faster swim time if everything else is equal between the two races in terms of the swim (which is asking a lot).  White Lake is always very smooth so hopefully this weekend will be no different.  I'd also love to be able to run sub 1:30, since I KNOW that I am capable of that run if I can pace to my potential.  I averaged 6:45/mile through mile 9 of NOLA 70.3 (1:28:25 half marathon time...) so if I fuel properly and hydrate appropriately I should be able to offer up a repeat performance and hopefully hold it through 13.1!

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