Monday, April 5, 2010

Hot weather, NICE!

S: 9000
B: 220
R: 39

Total: 18.8 hours

Not a lot of intensity in the pool this week; just a swim "test" on Monday that showed me I'm a lot faster than I was at this time last year - or have ever been before - but that I'm still a lot slower than "real" swimmers.  I'm going to just maintain my swimming levels until the latter part of Ironman training I think as I'm sure I'll be 1-2 minutes faster in my halfs with the current ability level I have.

Lots of good biking this week culminating in an awesome long ride/workout on Saturday.  I wanted to get in at least an hour of steady/moderate work so we went easy for an hour (when I say easy I just mean low intensity...I rarely ever go truly "easy" on the bike...) then one hour where I sat on the front at 150-155 bpm (I'll try to hold 160ish in a half-ironman) and then the rest easy/steady also on the front (I was actually on the front the whole ride, so lots of good work).  During that 1 hour we averaged a hair over 24 mph on rolling terrain, which was awesome.  I think at this point I can count on a 2:20-2:23 bike ride in a half.  That test will come in 2 weeks though.

My running this week was all workouts at all.  My running legs are still feeling a bit tired from the marathon so I'm just going to go easy/steady and not try to force my legs into anything they don't wanna do.

Next week will be very similar (goals are 50 run, 250 bike, 10k swim) with no intensity.  Then it's race week!!

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