Friday, November 6, 2009

It is time...

So the day of reckoning has finally come (or at least it is super super close!). I feel very ready from a mental standpoint but I'm not sure about my physical readiness. Of course it seems almost impossible to feel totally ready for a race like this from a physical perspective but still, I could probably have trained more. Unfortunately my problems were injury related and not simply due to apathy.

All in all, I'm super jacked up about this race. I'm going on all cylinders right now and am SO ready to get to this start line and jump in the water (if only because the water will be 20+ degrees warmer than the air!!) and get this race underway!

These past 3 days have been awesome what with the Yankees winning their 27th world series, me signing up for Ironman Louisville 2010 and B2B tomorrow a guy couldn't help but be in an amazing mood!

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