Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Almost there...

Swim: 11,000 yards
Bike: 197 miles
Run: 16.5 miles

This week was the first running since last Tuesday. My IT band is not tight but my calves and knee are quite tight. I had a ~4 mile run on Thursday and a 10 miler on Sunday.

Got in a lot of good swimming again this week. Even without true workouts in the pool I'm getting a lot stronger. My pull is super powerful right now and that will prove valuable ... Someday.

Lots of biking but it was all crammed inti 3 days: Friday 40, saturday 100 with Behme and a Sunday 56 miler in the NC mountains (again with Behme). We had intended to do 100 but the weather was uncooperativeve.

Next week is my last big week woo hoo

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