Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling Good...

After yesterday's long ride I was left to ponder on why I felt so freaking's so rare to feel great throughout a 5+ hour ride. There are normally a lot of peaks and valleys that your body goes through during such a long effort (especially when you're solo, which almost all of my riding has been lately). I never felt bad the whole ride; not a single time was I left wondering why I put myself through such things (about as rare as me eating a vegetable).

I really like the fact that I feel super ready for heavy duty volume but I now have a rest week; I think that's perfect. The next month is really going to wear on me so it's good to have a small peak, then detrain a bit, and then have your main peak when you're ready for the race. I'm going to be in really, really good shape if everything keeps going well. Big "if" for sure but I don't think it will be a mental breakdown that hurts me (one of the benefits of doing a lot of solo workouts is getting used to only being able to hold yourself accountable; that is if I start slowing down I have to make myself speed back up and get back to it...).

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Big Baller said...

Keep it up! Let me know when you do some longer runs