Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Running time

Swim: 7650 yds
Bike: 113 mi
Run: 52.4 mi

Well, it looks like I've really started to hit my stride running-wise. I've been feeling better and better on my runs so the increased run volume is starting to see some results. One of my biggest issues with running has always been a lack of run endurance so I started trying to change that when I was in Louisville with an 18 mile long run. This week I even incorporated (albeit unplanned) a 21 mile run and next week I'll have 22. I'm basically training (in terms of my long run, anyway) for a marathon but I'm not going to actually DO a marathon until December (Thunder Road). I'm just trying to log some solid miles so I can get back to being a stronger runner. I want to go under 1:30 in my half-ironman run portion. Preferably well under...

The biking has gone down every week since Louisville and I haven't had a long ride in a good while but that's ok as I think I've been pretty tired after the three tough weeks of biking (culminating in Louisville's suffer fest). Next week I'll pick it up again with a trip to the Georgia mountains (first time in the mountains since January!).

Swimming also took a hit this week but that was mostly accidental. I'll make up for it these next 2 weeks. Not much of a good workout this week unfortunately; no key sessions in the pool...

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