Monday, March 23, 2009

Another week in the bag

Swimming: 5075 yds (11%)
Biking: 186 miles (65%)
Running: 27.1 (24%)

This week was really solid; I feel like I made a lot of progress in all three sports. I went to Masters class on Monday, meant to go on Tuesday but I had lost my contact and stupidly enough did not have any extras (so I had to order more, which caused a temporary contact-less period) so I didn't swim Masters again on Wednesday like I wanted to, but I did get in a good swim on Friday and a short but good one on Sunday.

I biked 3 times this week...Tuesday was 15x60s V02 max efforts, 60 seconds off then the Inside Out Tuesday night ride, which is always 30-35 miles of very fast stuff (beyond the neutral roll-out and roll-in we averaged 25 mph, nice). Thursday looked to be a great day on the bike but then it started pouring and the temperature dropped 15 degrees. Oh, and it was gusting at 20+ mph. Not a great recipe for safe riding, but luckily I escaped unscathed (unfortunately Scott cannot say the same). On Sunday I joined a couple of people up in Davidson for a ~50 mile ride. We had one hard effort in there but the rest was easy so it wasn't too taxing. We then got back to the parking lot and I didn't feel like running with the group (leaving at 1) so I just hopped on the bike for another hour before meeting up with a couple of them that wanted to ride post-run (reverse brick = not as fun). All in all, I got in just a hair over 80 miles in a little over 4 hours on Sunday.

Running was pretty tame this week, but I did have my first really good run workout in a while on Saturday. Mixed a couple of different energy systems on the run by mixing a bunch of hard hill repeats with 10 minutes at Lactate Threshold (trying to hold 180 bpm for 10 minutes is NOT easy). It was promising.

14+ hours this week and I weigh 3 pounds less than when it started.

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