Monday, April 7, 2008


Latroy Hawkins sucks.

My big mileage week (for me) from March 24-30 caught up with me this past week, causing me to be tired all the time and pretty sluggish whenever I ran. It was hard to make myself get out there and run and even when I did for the most part I felt pretty sub-par (an expression I've never really understood because it doesn't make any sense given the context it's used in). My training pace was faster than usual last week as well; that I don't understand. I think it's because most of my running was solo and I have a hard time regulating my pace real well when I'm by myself. The weather, on top of all of that, sucked last week so two of my runs were on a treadmill and that always blows.

Luckily today felt fantastic and there were no issues/tweaks/hurts anywhere. This week is looking to be a pretty sweet week of running. Only 3 more weeks until the next race, which feels like forever.

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