Monday, June 30, 2014

Male cyclists are dumb

That's a catchy tag-line to begin with, no doubt. But it needs to be said. Guess what? I'm a male cyclist.  I am including myself in this diatribe. I am a perpetrator of many a crime I am going to mention.  But it needs to get out there in the open.

We are dumb.
We are egotistical.
We are prideful.
We are male-centric.

And guess what? We don't like to let women be ahead of us on the bike.


It's a good question.  It's not just on the bike, really. Every sport I've done, guys don't like to let girls be "ahead."  I mean that not just literally, but also figuratively. Ahead in the skills department, ahead in the whatever department. Ahead. Not good for male psyche.

But I'm talking specifically about cycling. Personally, I don't mind drafting behind the ladies. It's a great opportunity to check out some good looking bodies without worrying about them noticing that you are creeping. It's a good position in which to find oneself, really.

There is, however, a huge issue at hand: guys don't like to let girls be ahead of them. It's really frustrating the way guys ride when they are around girls.  Because "he" is a guy, he can't let "her" be ahead of him.  That's akin to admitting she is stronger, better, faster, tougher, etc. Why is that so hard for "him" to admit?

Let's be honest, girls are WAYYYY tougher than guys.  That's been proven time and again in all different realms.  I mean, first off, they have babies. I, for one, am super happy that I will never have to get another human being out of me.

Chicks are tough.

So why, dudes, can you not let a girl be faster than you? Why can you sit behind me at ~300 watts and not feel bad (AND complain about not being able to pull through because you are old and/or tired and/or weak) but when a girl is pulling at ~300 watts you pull around her...why?

That is the question you must ask yourself, gentlemen.  WHY do you feel it necessary to be in front of a girl, just because she is a girl? I know plenty of lady cyclists who are as strong and stronger than most of the guys that ride bikes. But those guys that are weak feel the need to prove that they are strong to the womenfolk.

Word to the wise, bro: girls don't like guys who ride like n00bs. They're not impressed by guys that need to do their "measuring" on the bike. As much as I love proving to the ladies out there how amazing I am on the bicycle, the realistic and logical part of me knows that they just. don't. care.

So fellas, let me reiterate this: a girl CAN be stronger than you on two wheels.  In fact, they frequently ARE stronger. Guess what: you are probably not as strong as you think you are. So, be realistic and be content to not ride like an a-hole.

On a sidenote: got in some good training this week.  22 hours in total.  Feels like a breath of fresh air.

I also did Blood Sweat and Gears for the first time this past Saturday.  While not the best route in the NC mountains (I like "our" loop a lot more actually) it was a great and well-supported event.  My back gave me some issues late in the ride and I did not ride as strong as I would've liked towards the end but that is a consequence of me riding too hard at the beginning.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

Cresting Snake Mountain. Pain.

Go team!

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