Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's February, what else is there to say?

Feb 3 to Feb 9

S - 20,900 yards
B - 145.5 miles (9.5hrs, 2mtb rides)
R - 35.44 miles

Time - 20.44 hours

Feb 10 to Feb 16

S - 7,100 yards
B - 124.3 miles (7:46 hrs, 1 mtb ride)
R - 38.2 miles

Time - 14.59 hours

These two weeks will be filled with a picture and video story as opposed to a word story. I would guess, although I wouldn't wanna put money on it, that people get a little tired of me writing in my blog. So, consider this a break to faithful readers.

Week 1 ended with a glorious day in Charlotte. 3:45 on the roads with the machine you see on the left followed up with :40 on the trails with the machine you see on the right. Doesn't get much better than that!

What the wha!? Little did I know what the weather gods had in store for us here in the southeast this week. Having not perused the weather forecast prior to Tuesday I was informed via the twitterverse and facebooking that we were in for quite the wintry storm starting on Tuesday morning.

Don't let the steadiness and good lighting fool you, this picture was taken while extremely unstable on the rollers on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday morning three of us partook in a pre-super-thick-snow run in cold temperatures, merrily whiling away the time with stories of great feats of strength.

Both symbolic and literal. We are deep thinkers.

Scott and I even partook of a mountain bike ride in the snow. It was fun for about 45 minutes and then I got really, really cold. Unfortunately the ride, due to it being an out and back (basically), lasted an additional 50 minutes beyond that point.

The snow and ice got even worse and on Thursday it was pretty comical watching people try to drive around in OBVIOUSLY unsafe conditions.

By Thursday night it was just boring. Business were closed. Boredom was happening. "Cabin fever" is, I believe, the appropriate expression.

The weekend rolled around and Saturday brought with it a mini-group indoor ride. Causebrook, Behme, Woodbury and myself all enjoyed a good ol' time while watching the last period (and OT + shootout) of the US vs Russia game (Murrka) and the first bit of a movie.

We then quickly transitioned into our go-kart racing kits and partook in several hours of kart racing up at Victory Lanes Karting. To say I had fun would be akin to saying Katy Perry's chest area is relatively famous.

Sunday brought more riding and more running and a decent end to a somewhat disappointing week from a training standpoint. The race I had been planning to do (Two Twenty Two Duathlon) in Greenville, SC was canceled due to the conditions so we made do with what we had.

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