Monday, September 16, 2013

Not failing

S - 10,500 yards
B - 218.3 miles
R - 53.6 miles

Time - 21.00 hours

There are certain things that stand out to me about this week:

  • Waking up to swim on a Monday morning is quite possibly the most difficult thing to do after a "weekend"
    • As a sidenote, I'm officially announcing that Brian Stover has killed "the weekend" for me. Weekends used to be a glorious time of not working, of resting, of going out at night, of watching movies, of whatever-you-wanna-do-awesomeness. 
      • Nowadays it means workouts from 9am to 5pm on Saturday (including travel, prep, eating, etc and that's with a late start) and 9am to 2pm on Sunday (and the rest of the day is basically a wash as all energy available is used to sit on the couch)
  • 3000 yards of IM is a lot of IM in one swim practice
    • I think this flat-lined my shoulders for the rest of the week
    • What doesn't kill you makes you...stronger?
  • 4 bike workouts and 2 run workouts a week is quite a lot (I mean ACTUAL workouts, not "sessions" as some people like to call them)
    • 18+ miles of running in one day is the most I've done since 2010
      • 25 minutes of tempo, on paper, isn't too bad
        • In real life, in the middle of a 2 hour run, it's mentally crushing
    • For the first time in what feels like...ever? I managed to complete each bike workout for the week as written.
      • This may sound inconsequential, but it is surprisingly difficult especially when Sunday's workout is: 4hr - 45aer + 5x(12 threshold + 15 tempo + 3ez) + 45aer
        • I saw that when the schedule was delivered and sent Brian an email that just said, quite simply: "I hate you"
        • His reply was: "You hate me for making your competition hate you?"
        • I had nothing for that one

As another sidenote, I kinda miss Hootie and the Blowfish.

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