Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don't shirk, put in tha' work

S - 30,900 yards
B - 125.6 miles
R - 62.6 miles
Time - 23.53 hours

With only 6 or 7 hours on the bike this week, the bulk of the time was definitely spent on the two weaknesses: the swim and the run.  Perfection.  Lots of aerobic goodness.  Miles of trials. Trials of miles. All those cliches.

Three sweet things happened this week and I will go through them in sequential order.

1) Much to our surprise on early Monday morning immediately post warm-up in the pool Jonathan leaned over our lane and said 7 little innocent words:

"Now we're doing a 2000 for time"

Uhh, didn't expect that.  Given how I felt in the warmup I didn't expect too much but very surprisingly I slashed over 30 seconds off my last time to come in around a 24:00 dead.  With pacing that was very even (6:01, 6:02, 6:01, 5:56, give or take) I was exceptionally pleased.  That is pretty darn fast and I feel like with a clean lane it could have been a bit faster.  Next time...

2) My 2013 USAT Elite member card arrived.  Sometimes, I don't really believe that I am a pro.  But, then I look at my sweet muscles and realize that yes, you sir: you deserve it.  So then I'm ok with it.

3) I first noticed this last year when I was preparing my P3 for race season but this year these two anomalies appear to have grown so I submitted a query to Cervelo to ask their opinion.

In their gracious, infinite wisdom they decided that in all likelihood it was cosmetic but they'd replace the frameset with a 2013 edition.  The performance will be no different, but aesthetically it is WAY more awesome.  In my opinion.  So my two-year old race machine will be replaced in the next week or two with the new go-fast edition.  Boom goes the dynamite.  My guess is that the 2013 bike + James will be faster for a couple of reasons:

a) cleaning up the front cable routing.
b) installation of a TriRig Omega
c) fastest front and rear wheel combination commercially available that is also legal
d) faster aero helmet with my position

All of these improvements may only add up to 10-15 watts.  But 10-15 watts is basically a butt-load.  Should be interesting.

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