Monday, September 3, 2012

Now THAT is a week of training

S - 20,100 yards
B - 233.5 miles
R - 47.4 miles
Time - 23.9 hours

A solid three weeks ends with one of the bigger weeks I've had this summer.  There's no substitute for miles and yards and I tried to live that mantra as much as possible during this what-turned-out-to-be very humid week of August.  It's almost as though someone upstairs wanted to save money on their electricity bill and flipped off the limited AC we'd had through most of August.  I guess the switch-flipper wanted to see how we'd handle a little adversity!

I swam five times, ran six and biked five times to get me to the totals you see above.  This week I was really impressed with myself (as usual) because (it seems) countless times I felt awful during a run or bike warmup and managed to pull out a very good "workout."  Of the two run workouts I did, unfortunately I can only say that about one of them.  The two weekend rides began with my legs feeling like absolute no-watts-to-be-found bricks and the workouts themselves went surprisingly well! Swimming was...well, swimming.  Some good and some bad in there.  But still, I haven't hit 20k+ in a long, LONG time.  (too long).

This upcoming week looks to have a couple of "normal" training days then a drive down to Gulf Shores, AL to spend some time with my family and race the "Alabama Coastal Triathlon," an olympic a mere 20 minutes from our beach house.  Last year this was the race at which the "Best of the US" championship was held and I had a pretty good day, placing 5th.  My times were something like 19:45 (current aided no wetsuit, despite being wetsuit legal), 58:30, 36:20.  Or something close.  I'll be looking to improve a good deal on each of those three splits...hopefully.

Here is my race report from last years' race


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