Monday, April 25, 2011


S - 8600 yards
B - 199 miles
R - 24.5 miles

Time - 15.22 hours

So the name of the game this week - at least in the early part - was to make sure I was adequately recovered from the tough "workout" last Sunday.  Each time I've read race reports about the race (James McCurdy - fastest amateur and M25-29AJ Baucco - 3rd 25-29) from people that were/are faster than me I've gotten to relive the race and feel good about my performance.  While I wasn't as fast as those guys (although I was close), I did run faster than both and feel good about how close I was to the "top" after just 3 solid months of training. I think had the swim been included I would have moved up at least one, perhaps two spots in my AG (I did a little stalking of previous results for those ahead of me and saw some interesting swim times; obviously it's tough to get a true picture of a person's swimming ability but it gives you a decent idea) so that's encouraging.

I didn't swim until Wednesday and felt pretty rough (hadn't swam since last Wednesday since the swim was nixed at NOLA) and through the rest of my swims I felt slow.  The lack of frequency really seems to be manifested when I start swimming regularly so hopefully that will abate once I get back to my normal schedule.

Cycling was good this week; I felt like with the taper/race/recovery I got a little shot in the arm when it came to my bike fitness.  When I told this to Coach Brian he said it likely meant that my taper for future big races needed to be a bit longer, which makes sense.  It's all just one big learning experience.  I had a tough (and long) bike workout on Sunday but managed to get through it without any real issues.

Running was good, not a lot of mileage but the runs felt nice.  I definitely felt recovered by Wednesday and my first run of the week wasn't until Thursday so that was nice.

The biggest non-workout related thing I did this week was to go to the Jimmy Buffet concert on Thursday.  While something like that is definitely not part of my normal "schedule" it was the perfect week to tailgate/concert for 8+ hours and I got to go and try and be social, which is something I almost never do.  So I had a good time and while my workouts the next day were a bit of a drag I managed just fine.

Next weekend is the Morganton Biathlon which will, unintentionally of course, be my second "duathlon" of the year.  The drive is short and the race was suggested to me by Coach so I'm excited to partake!


jayholder8k said...

isn't the biathlon where you ski and shoot a gun?

James Haycraft said...

apparently this one is a run/bike. i was definitely hoping for more guns.