Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Week! (I don't care)

Swim: 4:55 hrs        (16,500 yards)
Bike: 11:29.25 hrs (213 mi)
Run:  5:50 hrs        (46.9 mi)
+20 mins of core (ouch)

Total: 22.24 hrs

If I'm being completely honest with myself and with my avid readers there wasn't that much different that I could say about this week versus last week.  I could most likely copy my extremely engaging weekly report from last time and paste it into this week's "report" and it would be 99% accurate.  Some minor nuts and bolts items would be changed, like exactly how I did the workouts and how they felt but for all intents and purposes these weeks mirrored each other very closely.

Here are some items that stand out in my head from this week:

1) My weekend runs have been going very well.  My schedule on the weekends these past two weeks has included 2 bike rides (~6-6.5 hrs b/w them), 2 runs (50 and 65 mins Sat/Sun respectively) and 1 swim (Saturday).  I generally ride/swim/run on Saturday and ride/run on Sunday.  Neither of these runs are bricks as I tend to think bricks are pointless.  So I've gotten in four runs in the past two weekends with each following 3+ hours of riding.  They have easily been my best runs of the week (this weekend especially).  I think my bike fitness is manifesting itself through being able to run better and better as 3+ hour rides don't really drain me much.

2) My swim workout on Saturday was very good.  I was scheduled for a main set that included 5x400 on 5:30 interval and 9x100 on a 1:30 interval (descending sets of 3 on that one) and I had to swim at the Dowd as the MAC was closed for a swim meet (all weekend, blah).  I was going through the 300 mark this weekend faster than I was completing 300s (5x300 last Saturday) last weekend on a "tougher" interval.  I was even swimming by myself this time around, unlike most of my swimming

3) I drank a nice big glass of HTFU on Saturday morning and got my ride out of the way, despite the fact that I rode solo in the 40ish degree misty wet day.  It wasn't my best ride, but I rode pretty steady and for the first time since having a powermeter tried to really not spike my watts (or dip too low), something that is surprisingly difficult to do.  I know that at Louisville last year there were certainly times where I was cranking out HUGE watts unknowingly while going up some of those hills.  Since RPE and HR lags so far behind actual effort level on the bike my watts were likely sky high and the hill was over before my HR/breathing had a chance to catch up to the effort level.  I've also noticed lately how many people I ride with tend to ride very hard on the initial sections of hills, not realizing how much harder they are going and how many more matches they burn than someone who rides steady (note: like I aim to do, not like I actually do right now).

4) I could not have cared less about this Super Bowl.  Both of the competing teams had incredibly annoying fans (massive, sweeping generalization) and based on my stance on sexual assault (I'm against it), I was rooting for the Packers.  It's sad too, because this would have been a pretty exciting game if I cared at all.  It was nice, however, to see all the previews for some exciting upcoming movies (Cowboys and Aliens, Thor, Captain America, etc).  Comic book movies are sweet.  Well, mostly.  Spiderman 3 was terrible (and the only midnight showing I've ever gone to and subsequently have been unable to make myself go), X Men 3 was abysmal; I could go on, but I won't.

As exciting as this blog post has been (aren't they all) I've pretty much worn through all available material in my head.  I don't have anything interesting or witty to comment on for any of the workouts (I burped a lot when I ran on Sunday) and I don't follow current events so I don't have any insight into the world.  Surprising as it may be, it is true.

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