Monday, August 2, 2010

Ironman Training done

S: 2100 yds
B: 263 mi
R: 20 mi

T: 16.2 hrs

Really slacked on my swimming and running this week, but at least I had reason for it.  On Monday I crashed on my bike (luckily for my ego the crash was not caused by a lack of skill on my part) and the resulting injuries (not much road rash just some swelling and soreness in the following days) forced me to re-evaluate my running and swimming goals for the week.  I didn't want to run and cause my hip's healing to slow down and I also didn't want to hurt my shoulder (bore some of the impact from the crash).  Ironically enough, I swam the day of the crash (after it actually...) but then none at all the rest of the week!  I wasn't sore on Monday - that's my explanation anyway - but Tuesday through Thursday I was a bit pathetic.  My only running this week (dumb on my part) was the long run on Saturday of 20 miles in just under 2.5 hours.  I felt AMAZING until about mile 16ish and then not running all week caught up to me and my quads because extra tender and my legs were just generally tight.  Got it done though; last long run of the year (potentially!). 

Cycling was good this week; as that was the lowest impact non-swimming related activity I could do I managed to do a lot of it.  The long ride on Sunday the day after the long run was a bit of a struggle but we managed.  We only managed because Fletch did most of the work as John and I had both run the day before and weren't feeling super stellar.

So to sum up the Ironman build:

Since May 3rd (start of the long ride/long run binge!) I have

Swam 105,400 yards...averaging 8,107 per week
Biked 2,552 miles...averaging 196.3 per week
Ran 433.7 miles...averaging 33.4 per week
Totaled 213 hours...averaging 16.4 per week

including 2 race weeks and 2 recovery weeks.

All in all I'm very satisfied with my training leading up to this Ironman.  This last week was the only time where I really feel like I missed out on some key (filler) workouts during the week.  I've hit every single long ride (11 rides of 100 or more miles) and almost every single long run (3 20 milers and a handful of 15-17 milers) so I can't complain.  I'm much fitter and more mentally prepared for the arduous day that is Ironman versus November of last year which is also a plus. 

Stumpy Creek International is the next race (Saturday) and that will be a good barometer for how slowly I can do an International distance race!

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