Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nice little week

S: 13,000
B: 154
R: 33

Time: 16 hrs

5 swims totaling my highest volume since Scott and I went a little crazy in the pool together back in January and February.  I definitely think the higher frequency (swimming 5 times versus 2-3 times per week) really helps me out in terms of feeling strong in the water.  Swam in the lake on Friday and then again on Sunday and I really feel like that helps close the gap between my pool swim times and my open water swim times (I, like many other triathletes, am much faster in the pool than in the open water...) and I look forward to continuing that as the year progresses.

Not a whole lot of biking this week other than a 105 miler on Saturday that didn't feel amazing but was still pretty solid.  My heart rate was much more in control on this ride than it was 2 weeks ago in Louisville but it was also 10-15 degrees cooler and a much "easier" effort.  Next two weeks will be back up over 200 miles but I still haven't decided by how much.

Runs were a little fast this week; I was usually averaging 7:20-7:30 pace on each run and I'm not really sure why that was but I'll just roll with it.  Next two weeks I'll be looking to get up over 40-45 miles but the long runs (last 2!!!) will make that a little easier.

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