Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Close (to the marathon)

My first marathon that is.  Exciting.

S: 4100
B: 175
R: 53

17.1 hrs

Swimming took a back seat this week...big time.  Only managed to get in 2 swims due to lack of motivation and I also ran out of time.  Not really a big deal.  My goal is still 3 swims a week with a bonus 4th if I'm really feeling frisky.

3 bike rides this week, which was awesome.  The nicer weather is finally starting to hit Charlotte and that bodes very well for the next 6 months.  I cannot wait for it to get hot.

Running was again just a hair over 50 miles but with a twist this week: a nice 800s workout with Hudzik on Wednesday.  In short, I was VERY surprised at the times I was able to hit in this workout.  Very pleasantly surprised.  This also bodes well for my run fitness.  I'm definitely feeling a sub 1:30 half ironman run in me this year.  I've only got two chances so I better make them count...

Next week is my first marathon at the ING Atlanta Marathon.  Behme and I will be - barring any issues - clocking 6:50 miles to come in a hair under 3 hours.  It should be fun!

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