Sunday, January 17, 2010


Swim: 17,000
Bike: 109
Run: 49

More swim run focus this week (and for many foreseeable weeks as well).  I felt a lot better running this week than I have so far this year and the week included an aerobic workout (6 x 1 mile starting at 6:11 and descending to 5:47) and a nice solid very aerobic long run (16 miles @ 137 average HR at 7:50ish pace).  Scott and I are starting to progress in our swim workouts into more stamina-focused main sets by incorporating some 200 intervals and those have been really solid.  The weather also warmed up just a bit this week so I was able to ride outside twice; once short and by myself and the other with a nice big group for a longer weekend ride. 

My early season race plans have changed a bit this week as well.  Instead of doing the half in Atlanta I will be doing the full and I will be adding the Corporate Cup Half Marathon (2 weeks pre-Atlanta) into my schedule as a tune-up.  I'm trying to make sure I focus all of my efforts this season on Louisville and not get too caught up in having a good half.  A good half will likely happen as a nice by-product of the training but I don't want to do too much intensity to prepare for races as early as New Orleans and White Lake. 

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