Sunday, April 12, 2009

First week of being a (half) Ironman

So this week has mostly been about making sure I'm recovered (or at least on the road to recovery) after the half last Sunday. Immediately following the race I felt incredibly sore, tight, fatigued (add any number of adjectives synonymous with miserable and you get the idea) and couldn't contemplate swimming, biking, or running again anytime in the near (or distant) future. Luckily for me, however, I started to feel better fairly rapidly. Monday I was still sore, but definitely much less so than the day prior. We did a lot of walking around that day in NOLA and I could feel the shadows of the pain in my legs but it wasn't overwhelming. On Tuesday, the day we drove back up to Charlotte, I still felt a little tight but I was no longer sore. Wearing the compression tights on the drive up - while overly warm (plus the obvious sex appeal) - helped a LOT. On Wednesday I felt totally fine, but just to make sure I only swam that day and went really easy. Thursday and Friday both had a little more intensity and Saturday was a huge test of the legs with a 101 mile bike ride followed by a 5.7 mile run. That definitely trashed my legs although I made sure to eat a lot the rest of the day and I think that helped a lot with my recovery as today I rode again and felt mostly fine (albeit tired). So, a good week and I feel like I'll be very ready to race by the time Du Nationals comes up on the 26th. I'm hoping for a sub hour 40k bike split.

Swim: 4150 yds
Bike: 198.3 miles
Run: 20 miles (I think I really have to start picking up the run volume if I want to be a better long course racer)

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